Ready to Buy

It is easy to fall in love with pictures and finished spaces. To make sure a place is suited to your needs, erase all furniture and neutralize decor. Does it still work?

Ready to Buy


  • Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

  • Financial Planning and Estimated Cost Itemization

  • Individualized Lender/Mortgage Program Referral

  • Information Packet with Process and Timeline Review

  • Guided Priority List and Implementation Plan

  • Customized Search with Multi-Filter Mapping System

  • On-Going Assessment and Communication

  • Logistics and Transition Planning Assistance

  • Ancillary Service Referrals (Attorney, Inspector, Insurers, etc.)

Wooden Floor

Every Step Of The Way


  • MLS Listing Audit and Expiration Tracking

  • Offer and Contract Acceptance Deadlines

  • Initial and Final Earnest Money Deadlines

  • Inspection and Attorney Review

  • Mortgage and Other Contract Contingencies

  • Closing Deadlines

  • Lease Obligations

  • Appointment Scheduling and Tracking

  • Appraisals, BPOs, 203(k)/FHA Inspections

  • Follow-Up Filings, Escrow Resolution, Post-Closing Possession Deadlines, etc.

 Cosy Kitchen

Full Service Support


  • Home Mortgage Provider

  • Real Estate Attorneys

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Home Warranty Services

  • Licensed Home Inspections

  • Appraisals Contractors/Plumbers/Electricians

  • Professional Staging Services

  • Estate Sales Purveyors

  • Home Cleaning and Handyman Services

  • Moving Services Landscaping/Snow Removal Services

  • Title Companies

  • City/Village/County Services

  • Photography